I’m a lifetime resident of Toronto, and have lived in all sorts of different urban places in the city from apartments to old homes. The changing and shifting of cosmopolitan neighbourhood cultures has always fascinated and excited me.

As a Realtor(r) I work well in loyal trust based relationships, spending a lot of time understanding my clients and helping them distil what they really need, how they live their life and where their values are. This includes how they might want to grow from where they are as people and with their home-investment. I pair thoughtful analysis of market conditions with a deep knowledge of what Toronto has to offer, and how buildings work today. I provide a forward looking understanding of how to make the most of your real estate investment in our changing economy and environment. My clients’ quality of life is always first on my list, and I work with focus and results to get them the best value and balance in their investment.

Being a single dad of two young energetic boys, I also put my energies into advocating for a city they can be proud to grow up in, with safe tree-lined streets and beautiful green spaces to enjoy. I’m a long time home owner and have invested a lot of my time into understanding how houses work and how they need to be working to be more efficient and liveable into the future.