Toronto native, globetrotter turned domestic, adventurist, musician/DJ, exotic food lover, experienced Victorian character home-owner, vintage loft-lover. I’ll talk your ear off about the best Toronto neighbourhoods for restaurants, street life, music, culture, craft beers and classic architecture.

The “BRE” in the BREL team, I’m the guy who will delve deep in the basements of century homes, take you to warehouse lofts you never knew existed, find parking anywhere in the city, and once we’re done, bring you to the best local restaurant or pub you never knew was around the corner. I’m also the paperwork guy…only we’re paperless, so I guess that makes me the iPad guy.

Whether we’re selling for a price you only dreamed of or buying the place of your dreams, with my BREL team partners, we’ve got you covered—and we guarantee you’ll have fun doing it.


From the start Mel and Brendan “got” us. They heard our needs, desires and must haves, added their knowledge and experience to the mix and we got what we wanted – a hip loft space in the heart of the City. Having recently relocated from Vancouver, we valued their savvy perspective on the Toronto market. They led us through an infamous Toronto bidding war with solid strategy, finesse, incredible cool and good humour. We loved their tag-team approach, appreciated the dialogue and felt respected – like our opinion mattered. No pressure, no b.s., just damn good advice.
-Julie & Robert

We probably aren’t the easiest client for Brendan and Melanie. Living as an expatriate outside of Canada for over 10 years, when we finally decided it was time to invest in Canadian property, despite being Canadian, the transaction was treated as that of a non-resident. Being out of Canada for so long meant that we had no understanding of the market, be it the properties themselves or the service network required to make a purchase.
Brendan and Melanie quickly sized up our intent and interest, found us exactly what we were looking for, and helped us to both decide and close while we were outside of Canada. Furthermore, they helped us to secure financing, property insurance (non-residency is a door closer for most brokerages) and guided us through all legal proceedings without us needing to engage in searches or due diligence into unknown and unproven suppliers.
Our recommendation for any international or first time buyer is to lend your trust fully to Brendan and Melanie, and they will make you feel as if the property buying process is in fact a simple exercise, which without their involvement certainly isn’t. With their help, we ended up buying a wonderful rental house, which they continue to help us to manage from abroad, as well as a condo unit for ourselves. Thank you guys!
-Alex & Tata S.

Great, great, great! We contacted them because we needed to find a place in Toronto fast. We emailed them our requirements, the neighbourhood we were looking for and Brendan was very responsive. Appointments were made and visits were very efficient. He didn’t try to sell us an apartment that will not fill our needs but instead try to listen to us and what was right/not right with the different apartments. We found on the first day of visits!!!
THE thing that was GREAT: paperless!!! Yes, we did everything WITHOUT paper to sign, all was handle electronically, and that was AWESOME! Once the offer was ready, he sent us the documents by email via a special website and we were able to sign (!!!) on our iphone. We signed our lease in the middle of King St!! That was just PERFECT! Not having to sign paper, etc. was perfect and I loved being able to handle everything by email. Overall, a wonderful experience and I will surely recommend him (them) for the friendliness and the paperless experience. A+ experience Thanks so much Brendan!!
-Alexandre & Magali D.

The best thing about Brendan and Melanie is that they don’t help you buy or sell homes – they build relationships. These relationships help you find your dream home, unload your condo, and not overpay or underprice.
We met Brendan, by chance, close to a year before we were ready to buy. Over that time and before we signed any dotted line, we peppered Brendan and Mel with questions like, when are the best times to buy and sell, why is the west end so much more expensive, and how are we ever going to win a bidding war?
We entered and lost a bidding war that we didn’t win, but that’s okay. We didn’t overpay and in the end (a week later), found an even better house. Once we decided to buy a semi, and sell our condo, we knew we had the best realty team, because they anticipated our questions and made us feel calm the whole way (very stressful to think about having to hold two mortgages at the same time).
You couldn’t ask for two people more informed about Toronto and connected than Brendan and Mel. They’re invested in finding you the right home and have fun while doing it. And when you win (which you will) and celebrate, they know the best restaurants and bars to do it in.
-Derek M. & Sam Y.
I am soaring in disbelief. Grazie for your voracious determination to realize an impossible dream list. You are an irresistible mash-up of eloquence, grace and spunk – much like the dream loft you scored for me. And, grazie for all the remarkable connections and sound, generous advice to secure a breathless sail. I adore you.
-Maristella R.

From the start Melanie and Brendan were awesome to work with. They helped us find our new loft within 2 and half of weeks of intense looking. We went to see over 50 places in 2 weekends which was taxing but they Brendan kept it fun and positive all the way through.
As a team they are incredibly informative about the Toronto market and also have great contacts for building materials, decor etc. Not to mention their tips on local restaurants and hang outs in the areas we were looking in were awesome.
Always punctual, willing to go that extra mile to help alleviate the stress of home buying for us noobies and just an awesome couple you would want to have over for dinner I couldn’t think of a better real estate team to help others like me find their perfect home.
These guys are the best in the business and I would know. I have moved 6 times in 6 years and it was only on my 7th try did i find a team that actually made a difference to both the experience of home buying and deconstructing the complexities of it so it was easily understood.
Oh yea and they have good taste in ales
Just like their motto, this team offers no BS, gets what you want and seems to have a terrifying knack of winning nearly ever bidding war they get into.
Why go for Brad Lamb who may potentially make you wet your pants, or the superman guy who just oozes tackiness when you can have a team that will truly be on your side?
Simple answer you wouldn’t.
These guys are as legit as it comes.
Hope this helps anyone looking and best of luck in your search!
-Andrew R. & Millena T.
As a real estate lawyer and also fellow Realtor, there could not be a more discerning seller than me. But when circumstances prevented us from listing our own income property for sale, my husband and I wanted representation from the best there was in the industry – and we found it with the BREL team.
The sale of a house can be a daunting task, but the BREL team made the whole process seamless. From establishing the property’s market value, to assisting us in getting the house in tip top shape for showings, organizing the actual showings and then getting down to the final offer – the BREL team was with us every step of the way, making the sale of our house an enjoyable experience.
There is one thing that I must point out that really does set them above other listing agents – their marketing efforts and results are truly second to none. They really put forth a lot of time and effort to drive as many people to our listing as possible. Both my husband and I were astonished with the quality of the marketing materials they put forth along with the sheer traffic they brought to our listing.
We were also concerned about how our tenants would feel about the whole sale process, but they did an amazing job communicating with our tenants and co-ordinating a satisfactory schedule that eventually left all parties content.
To top it off, not only are they super professional and reliable, they are also the type of people you would want to hang out with after business is done. They are really that good. And cool. Really.
Good luck you guys, it was such a pleasure working with you both and we can’t wait to do business again!
-Liz L. & Vic C.