Managing Multiple Offers

Managing Multiple offers

Realtors’ Guide for Managing Multiple Offers

Whenever the real estate situation is set up so that there are more Buyers than houses, bidding wars ensue. For Realtors inexperienced with the multiple offer process, this can be problematic.

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Some of what you will learn

Preparing the Groundwork for Multiple Offers

A successful multiple offer presentation actually commences with the initial marketing of the listing.


Now that you have everyone prepared for the multiple offer scenario, you are ready to receive offers and present them to the Seller.

Presentation Strategies for Sellers

Keep in mind that every presentation is different. How you will handle the situation from here on in really depends on how many offers there are, how many of them are close, if there is one that you don’t want to lose, and any number of other factors.

Once it is Sold

Once the deal has been accepted and communication of that acceptance is conveyed to the other side in writing, the property is sold.

Managing Multiple Offers Download Form

Best Practices

We explain, in detail, the best practices process we use with all our clients. This guide is full of useful tips that work for us every day. If you read and follow this guide carefully, you will greatly reduce the likelihood of multiple offer event failure.