Facebook Advertising Guide

Facebook Advertising

Your Complete Guide to Generating Leads and Closing Business with Facebook Ads

We’ve entered the world of digital advertising, most notably through the social media channels that drive our communication with existing and potential clients. People are spending more time than ever in front of their smart phones, computers and social media apps and marketing is all about being where your clients are, isn’t it?

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Some of what you will learn

Choosing an Objective

This is simply the end goal for your ad. Do you want to drive traffic to your website? Do you want them to watch a video you’ve created?

Define Your Audience

The ability to select a detailed target audience for your ad to reach is one of the aspects of Facebook advertising that really sets it apart from other social media platforms.

Select Your Budget

One of the biggest misconceptions about Facebook advertising is that it’s out of your budget. You can really go as low or as high as you want when selecting your ad budget. Once you perfect the skill or targeting your audience you won’t be wasting paid clicks on potential customers that aren’t right for you. It’s all about careful audience selection, and setting a reasonable budget.

Create Your Ad

The best part! Once you’ve set up all the details surrounding your ad campaign, it’s time to create your ad. Facebook offers ads in several different formats.

Facebook Advertising Form

Generate Leads and Close Business with Facebook Ads

For decades, real estate agents have depended on traditional advertising channels like magazines, newspapers and billboards to build their brands and generate leads. Times have changed though, and that includes how agents market to their potential customers.