About Sage Real Estate

If there’s one word that sums up Sage it’s uncompromising. Uncompromising is our way of making sure that every real estate experience isn’t just good, it’s great.

We set a high bar for ourselves, and our agents. Our clients deserve the very best of us, from the services and counsel we provide to the quality of our marketing materials, and we’re relentless in making sure they get it.

As a family-run company, we have an unusual combination of deep industry expertise – literally decades of experience – and a fresh, progressive approach. We never stop thinking about how we can improve what we do so that we can deliver more value to our clients and agents.

The market doesn’t stay still. Neither do we.

We monitor, respond and adapt quickly but strategically, keeping an eye out for ideas that will help everyone stay ahead of the market.

The Sage Team.

One of the unique elements that set Sage apart from other Brokerages is the size of the back office staff that Sage employs and the team approach we take to servicing our clients. Sage has 94 agents and 13 staff, that’s a 1-7 ratio. This ratio of staff to agents is unheard of for a brokerage Sage’s size. This team approach to servicing our clients is particularly effective because the Sage Team is a squad of accomplished, multi-faceted in-house experts who handle many different aspects of the home selling process. And by taking certain tasks off our agent’s plate it frees up their time so they can spend it with their clients guiding them through the process.

Smarter. Faster

This uncompromising level of support ensures that sellers’ homes are positioned in the most favourable light and receive maximum exposure in the marketplace locally, nationally, and internationally. Buyers gain valuable knowledge about neighbourhoods and market trends that they can put into action to make informed buying decisions.

Great Design, Always

One of the pride and joys at Sage is our design forward, in-house advertising department who markets listing with focused precision, generating the largest pool of qualified buyers for Sage’s listings. There is no marketing team in Toronto with more experience marketing homes than the team at Sage.

 We stand by our word.

We insist on the highest standards of integrity in everything we do, hand-selecting agents who believe, as we do, in doing what’s right and fair for our clients. When it comes to making sure that they consistently get the best of us, we never compromise.

Sage’s Track Record