Joining Sage

Helping agents grow
their business

Sage is a full-service brokerage unlike any other. We strive to provide the direction, support, and environment necessary for our agents to thrive.

We look to work with established Agents wanting a brokerage that offers a support model that is willing to genuinely work with them, like partners to help them achieve their business goals.

We believe in being selective in who we hire. We look to work with Agents who ‘Get it’ and want to do the best possible job for their clients. Who believe that their clients best interests come first every single time. We have a saying at Sage ‘Your real estate experience shouldn’t be good…it should be great!” We look for agents who embody that saying.

At Sage we like to hire agents who will make a positive contribution to the brokerage environment. The kind of agents who existing Sage agents would be proud to be associated with. We invest a significant amount of time, energy, and resources in our Agents to help them succeed so we don’t have the ability or interest to open the flood gates and welcome just anybody with a pulse and RECO license.

At Sage our agents aren’t just line items on a balance sheet!

Why Choose Sage

Sage has been around the block more than a few times. We understand the Toronto real estate market and what it takes for our agents to succeed.


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real estate transactions


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What Sage Offers

Sage has an inclusive and supportive culture.

Sage Helps Agents
Grow their Business

The role Sage plays for its sales-people goes far beyond deal administration. Our agents are our partners. We work side-by-side with our agents to figure out what they need to grow their business then inject the necessary tactics, tools and resources to help them take their business to the next level.

Top Notch Accessible
Managers who Care

Our management team knows what they are doing (50+ years of experience) and genuinely care about our agents. Our managers are also the owners of the brokerage so they have a different level of commitment to the business. No waiting 12-24hrs for a call-back. They constantly go above and beyond to ensure the agents at Sage get what they need, when they need it.

Great Design, Always

Sage’s marketing team and graphic designers work tirelessly to ensure Sage, our agents, and our listings stand above the rest. It is their job to touch every single marketing piece that goes out the door at Sage to ensure Sage delivers great design, always.

International Exposure

The Sage marketing department has developed an integrated marketing campaign that gets local, national, and international exposure for their listings. The team at Sage executes that campaign for each and every one of their listings.

Office Staff Who Know
what they are doing

The office staff here at Sage are second to none. With over 60+ years of combined real estate experience they ensure that clients and outside agents are treated in a professional and courteous manner and that transactions are processed smoothly and that our agents and the co-op brokerage gets paid without delay.

Selective Hiring

We do not believe in hiring just anyone with a RECO license and pulse. For agents to thrive they need to be in a supportive environment surrounded by like-minded individual. We believe in building and fostering such an environment by hiring the right agents who support and add to our brokerage environment.

What some of our Agents Think


The Cain Brothers

Sales Representatives

“Since joining Sage our business has grown over 50%. Sage has helped us become more organized, increased our productivity and has given us more time to show and sell real estate.”


Dimitrios Tsotos

Sales Representative

“It wasn’t until I became part of the office that I realized how much Sage does to help its agents. Sage has absolutely helped me become more productive.”


Christine Brodeur

Sales Representative

“This is one of the reasons I love being at Sage. The interest you show and the time you take to make sure we are a community…I really appreciate it.”

Sage Offers Continued

Relevant Training

We have developed a training curriculum that is geared towards established agents who are looking for more intermediate and advanced training/tactics/processes to improve their business.

Business Tools and Systems

We invest in tools and systems to help our agents become more effective and efficient. We also invest in brining in experts to train our agents on how to utilize those tools and systems in their business.

Competitive Compensation Plans

We are not the least expensive brokerage in Toronto but we are competitive with other full-service brokerages. Where we really stand apart is in the fact that we work tirelessly to earn the split we charge and provide our agents with incredible value for their commission dollars.

Local, National and International Exposure.

Posting a client’s home only on Toronto MLS just isn’t enough.

Sage Real Estate has developed one of the largest international syndication networks of any Toronto brokerage. Sage doesn’t hang its hat on just a one-brand network or spin numbers from a corporate website claiming global reach. Sage looked into where international buyers actually go when they are interested in finding a property in Toronto and has made sure its listings are there.

Sage listings get featured on more than 89 portals around the world. This ensures that its clients’ homes get maximum exposure locally, nationally, and internationally.



Ready to take your business to the next level?

Guides for Agents

Whenever the real estate situation is set up so that there are more Buyers than houses, bidding wars ensue. For Realtors inexperienced with the multiple offer process, this can be problematic.

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Full Service Brokerage

Sage is a full-service brokerage unlike any other. We provide tangible value for the commission split we charge and constantly strives to provide the direction, support, and environment necessary for our agents to thrive.

At Sage our agents aren’t just line items on a balance sheet!