Bickford Park


Bickford Park is named after a Colonel who was a businessman and politician in Toronto- Colonel E. Oscar Bickford. He owned a large piece of land, which is now the Bickford Ravine Park. His wife sold it to the City of Toronto in 1908 after he died. Jewish, Italian and Portuguese families originally settled this area, so the neighbourhood is still home to people with all sorts of cultural backgrounds.


The Bloorcourt Village area has plenty of shopping opportunities and restaurants. College Street is well known for its Italian cuisine in restaurants, cafes and bars, and its European style shopping. Harbord Street is a smaller shopping area, but is full of local stores and boutiques as well.

For recreational needs, there is the Bob Abate Recreation Centre in the middle of the neighbourhood, which has a gym, meeting rooms and an arts room. Right beside this centre is the Bickford Centre, which also has a gym and a pool. Bickford Park, also beside the Bickford Centre, has baseball diamonds, where programs and leagues are held. Near this park is Harbord Park, which has a playground and a pool.


Central Commerce Collegiate Institute
Delta Alternative Senior School
Dewson Street Junior Public School
Msgr. Fraser College- Alternate


Bloor Street to the north
Grace Street to the east
College Street to the south
Ossington Street to the west

Photos from Bickford Park: