Sage’s Residential Marketing Program


Local, national and international exposure

Sage has developed a unique and powerful approach to listing, marketing and selling its clients’ homes.

Sage’s listing marketing program has been developed with the knowledge that today’s purchase decisions are not based solely upon a property’s   location and physical attributes. Decisions to buy are triggered by the overall benefits of owning and living in a very specific home.

A major benefit is the lifestyle that would be fulfilled by living there. Factors such as a home’s neighbourhood, shops, schools, parks, etc. help formulate the benefit model.

What type of people would want to call this property home? Who better to know than its current owner?

Sage collaborates with its clients to identify each home’s benefits and establish an appropriate target market. Sage’s in-house marketing team then crafts a message utilizing those benefits to attract those buyers and then executes a multifaceted marketing campaign to reach those individuals.

A simple, compelling strategy that works.

The appropriate message must be effectively delivered to and received by the target group. Because more than 92% of buyers now search online, that is where Sage concentrates its efforts, but doesn’t ignore some of the traditional tactics that we know to be time tested and true.

Sage’s robust marketing program exposes its clients’ homes locally, nationally and internationally to amass the greatest pool of targeted, potential buyers. Exposure has now become key. No single salesperson can effectively do this alone.

Sage’s in-house team of professional Graphic Designers and Marketers accept the responsibility of executing the marketing program for every Sage listing.




Sage’s marketing program tactics

Selling a Lifestyle

Home buyers aren’t just looking for four walls and a roof, they are looking to buy into an overall lifestyle.

It is up to our marketing to effectively convey that lifestyle to as many potential home buyers as possible. To effectively sell a lifestyle we need to put ourselves into the shoes of the potential buyers. That is where our marketing really begins. We look to establish one or depending on the property a small handful of buyer profiles. This allows us to get into the imaginations of potential buyers so that we can develop a message that will resonate with them and determine the best channels to reach them.


There are many different things that have to happen before a property can be properly marketed. Many of these items have to do with getting the property primed, shined and ready to be photographed in preparation for its market debut. This process is typically referred to as ‘staging’ a home.

Staging can mean anything from a judicious reorganization of existing furniture, highlighted by some fresh flowers, to complete redecoration and the furnishing of a vacant home. There is great value in staging because it helps market a home to a broader audience than only that with tastes similar to the current owner. Usually this involves dealing with things such as clutter or furniture placement that the homeowner has come to accept but perhaps might not best present the home to the marketplace. The way we live in a home and the way we present a home to make best market impact are two completely different things. If the goal is to sell the home for the most amount of money, homeowners are well advised to appeal to the widest audience possible for the current buying climate and keep an open mind to staging possibilities.

Please consider that if you are presented with three apples all the same size, one nicely shined up and the others dusty or, bruised and damaged, people will gravitate to the one that is polished. People will also pay more for the apple that looks best. The appeal is just human nature and in regards to the sale of a house, the stakes can be very high indeed.

Your Sage realtor is experienced in making staging suggestions and could even refer a professional stager should the need arise. A home perfectly staged looks like it belongs in a design magazine.

In order for all the other marketing elements to fall into place, the staging process should really be completed at least a week before the property is to go on the market.

Professional Photographs

Sage Real Estate has found that having exquisite photographs of the property is essential to presenting a home at its very best and maximizing its digital, online and printed appeal. These photos form the foundation of the marketing for the property. Buyers have refused to “waste their time” visiting a home because of grainy, poor quality or inadequate pictures that they see online. Professional photographs really make that big a difference.

Sage Real Estate provides professional photographs for all its listings. The photographs are subsequently reviewed and processed by Sage’s in-house Graphic Designers and then colour-corrected or enhanced, if necessary.

Your home will make its very best possible first and lasting impression.

Individual Listing Website 

A unique website will be developed that is custom-built for your home and will be hosted on a URL that is easy to remember (usually the street address). This website will highlight all of the features of the property in a convenient, effective format. The best images of the property will be prominently displayed on the site. All marketing tactics will be geared towards driving traffic to that site because it is there that prospective buyers will easily have the most detailed information about the home right at their fingertips and will be able to contact us directly. In today’s competitive hustle-and-bustle world we don’t want prospects moving on to the next listing because they couldn’t access the information they wanted. The consumer expects to have all the information required to make a decision right at their fingertips, right when they want it.

The typical listing website would include the following:

  • A unique listing domain name, usually the street address (e.g.
  • Detailed listing description
  • 20+ high resolution photos
  • Video tour
  • Neighbourhood description
  • Contact details
  • Uploaded PDF of feature sheet
  • Google Maps with Street View
  • Google Analytics tracking code
  • The url prominently displayed on the for sale sign
  • Floor plan
  • 3D Tour

3D Tour 

There is an incredible new technology that we can utilize for our listings; it is a 3D interactive tour. This tool allows consumers to walk through the property at their own leisure at any time day or night. On one side of the screen is a floor plan so you can see exactly where you are in the property and on the other part of the screen is the viewer so you can see what the property looks like.

This is an incredible tour especially for international buyers so they can get a true sense of what it is like in the home.


A video tour is created and then distributed using YouTube and other video sharing websites in order to drive prospective buyers back to the individual listing website. YouTube is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, accounting for a full 42% of the total online video viewing market. Leveraging its dominance generates tremendous international exposure for your listing. Prospective buyers, anywhere in the world, can digitally see through your home 24 hours a day, at their convenience.

We will not only load the video onto our YouTube channel which is one of the most viewed real estate channels in Toronto, but we will also dedicate some budget to get some targeted views for the video through Google Ad-words for Video.

Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign

Whenever anyone types a series of words into Google’s search field, the results page includes both sponsored and non-sponsored links. Sponsored links are immediately and prominently displayed at the top of the first results page. Sponsored links always directly relate to the visitor’s search criteria. They are an effective way to increase a listing’s awareness and tend to generate highly-qualified responses because we will only target search phrases related to your property. Our PPC campaign will make your listing a sponsored link during predetermined times. In order to accomplish this we will establish an appropriate keyword strategy and carefully craft engaging advertisement text. Marketing that clicks!

Social Media 

Sage knows what it’s doing in social media arenas. Sage listings get displayed on the largest video platform on the planet, YouTube. When skillfully utilized, Facebook is an effective tool for exposing a home to a larger network of people. Sage knows the ins and outs of appropriately leveraging Facebook to maximize exposure of Sage listings.

We will be leveraging the Facebook ad platform to boost our posts about this listing to ensure they get seen. Given the demographic targeting aspect of this platform we will be targeting a number of different groups to ensure the property is seen by both potential consumers as well as to keep this property in front of realtors in the city.

Given the price point of each property we can also be leveraging LinkedIn as it tends to be a more professional social networking site. In particular we will use the ad platform on LinkedIn to get the property seen by our target market.

And if the target demographic is right and we will also leverage Instagram.

Listing Syndication 


Local, National, and International Exposure.

Posting a client’s home only on Toronto MLS just isn’t enough.

Sage Real Estate has developed one of the largest international syndication networks of any Toronto brokerage. Sage doesn’t hang its hat on just a one-brand network or spin numbers from a corporate website claiming global reach. Sage looked into where international buyers actually go when they are interested in finding a property in Toronto and has made sure its listings are there.

Sage listings get featured on more than 89 portals around the world. This ensures that its clients’ homes get maximum exposure locally, nationally, and internationally.

A Network of More Than 130 Portals North America


An e-mail blast will go out targeting realtors working in offices that tend to do a lot of business in the neighbourhood where your home is located. This is a very simple tactic to give the listing a little extra bump in exposure to realtors who may be working with buyers interested in a home like yours.

Feature Sheets

Sage Real Estate will create a detailed, photo centric feature sheet for the home. Developing a good feature sheet is a true art form and requires a painstaking amount of attention, creativity and time. A flimsy black-and-white photocopy of a one-page info sheet printed off just doesn’t cut it anymore. A proper feature sheet should answer every question in a potential buyer’s mind and present the property in the most favourable light.

This piece of marketing has ‘legs’ and remains around the desks, coffee tables and kitchens of the buyers. It is very important for it to stand out and be a reminder of all the great aspects of your property while the buyers compare and contrast the different homes they have seen. The professionalism of the feature sheet instills a very positive reflection of your home in the prospective buyers’ minds.

A high-end feature sheet should include:

  • A room-by-room written description which catalogues the details of the home
  • Professional photographs
  • A property survey
  • Floor plans
  • Property enhancements
  • A neighbourhood summary
  • A detailed list of exclusions and inclusions
  • The individual listing website URL so that buyers can utilize the interactive aspects of the site
  • Contact information should they have any further questions.

Just listed and just sold postcards

Instead of the commonplace Just Listed cards that many realtors send out, Sage Real Estate prints your listing on a high impact, ‘Just URL’d and Listed’ card and delivers them to the local geographic area. Sage designed pieces stand out from the rest. Your neighbours are a great source of exposure. Most of them will notice your home is ‘For Sale’ when the sign goes on the lawn but those who don’t will also get a Just Listed card directing them to your individual listing website. Neighbours often have friends or family whom they love to tell about the newest home on the market in their area, and why they should buy it and move closer to them.

Floor Plans 

Another thing that can be done while the staging is taking place is to have professional floor plan measurements taken. Floor plans are technical measurements that precisely show the location of each aspect of the house: walls, doors, windows, radiators, etc. They could be made available both online and included in the feature sheet. The floor plans will allow people to understand the layout of the home before they see the home and then remember where everything was after they see the home. Floor Plans can be shown to other interested parties who could not physically see the home. Serious buyers utilize floor plans for potential placement of their own furniture. If floor plans are to be part of the marketing campaign they should also be done at least a week before the property is listed so that there is time to include the floor plans in the feature sheet and on the website.

Sign Topper 

We will have a rider that has the individual listing website domain name on it attached to the For Sale sign. This gives passersby immediate access to complete listing details.

Realtor’s Open House 

The ‘Realtor’s Open House’ is usually held the day after the listing is released and is reserved for realtors only. Realtor open houses are important because they allow realtors to get a good sense of the property so that they can determine whether it may be suitable for their particular clients’ needs. Realtor’s Open Houses reduce Seller inconvenience by giving a great number of interested realtors an easy opportunity to see through your home.

Public Open House 

Saturday and Sunday afternoons are prime times for public open houses. This is a popular tactic because a lot of buyers will set aside time on their weekends to wander through the neighbourhoods they want to live in, looking for open houses. It is a great tactic to get broad exposure to both active buyers and those whom may be more passive and just happen to walk past and see the open house sign. Please review with your salesperson the appropriateness of Open Houses being scheduled for your particular property.


The individual listing website will include analytic software so we can track where all of the traffic is coming from and which aspects of the site the visitors are using and spending time on. This will help focus the marketing spend on what is successful. This also demonstrates how much exposure the property is getting and whether or not any adjustments need to be made to how it is being marketed.


By employing the above-mentioned tactics in a cohesive campaign custom-built for your listing, we will be able to attain the highest price the market will bear in the least amount of time possible, in order to minimize the strain of this process on you and your family.

In the end, it’s all about local, national and international exposure.