2010 Yonge Str
Toronto , ON M4S 1Z9
Sales Representative
Email: ibusher@rogers.com


I was born and raised in North Etobicoke and went to high school in Brampton. I come from an artistic background and studied painting at OCAD as well as advertising and audio engineering. I still paint, act and record music and voice for enjoyment. Before joining Sage I was a contractor.

I am a licensed carpenter and have owned and operated my own contracting company for many years. I love this town, and I always enjoyed real estate, including meeting clients, looking at homes and neighbourhoods and seeing the potential in them. Becoming a person who sells those homes as a refreshing change from fixing and updating them seemed liked a natural progression for me. I also really enjoy meeting new people and helping them find what they want.

I have lived all over Toronto for most of my life, and now I have worked on homes of all sizes, ages, and styles for many years. Although I live in the west end, my work experience has led me to all kinds of interesting pockets of this city and it would be hard to choose a favourite, east or west.

I now reside in Hillcrest with my wife and our rescue pets: one crazy dog and a three legged cat. If you want the full story on the three legged cat, well, you'™re just going to have to call me i'™ll start the barbeque and open some wine.

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Ian Busher

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