Astute Agents

Sage Agents are Social

There has been a sea change in how the consumers of today communicate. Social Media is at the core of this tectonic shifting of plates.
On staff at Sage we have one of the trainers for the Toronto Real Estate board who developed TREB’s social media training course for other agents in the industry.
Sage agents are trained and coached on these trends so that they can interact with clients in the manner that the client wishes.
We love the benefits of being Socially Savvy at Sage.

Sage Agents are Green

We recognize the importance of the world embracing green.
Even small steps help further the cause.
Acting as our clients’ trusted advisors Salespeople need to be educated about sustainable elements of homes so they can counsel our clients and help them make informed energy saving decisions.
We are assisting our agents through training and coaching in how they can do a better job for our clients.
To assist in this regard we have established a strategic partnership with one of the foremost experts in this field to help us inform and educate our agents.

Sage Agents are Mobile and Going Paperless

There are so many benefits of Agents and their Brokerages going paperless and embracing mobile platforms.
Let us throw just a few at you:

  1. Speed
  2. Streamlined process
  3. Increased security
  4. Increased efficiency
  5. More organized
  6. Improved communication
  7. One central cloud location for all transactional elements
  8. Saves time and frustration
  9. Saves paper

It just makes sense.

Sage Agents are Informed

Education is a life long journey as ‘The road to success is always under construction.
We at Sage are conference junkies. Our management team is committed to staying on top of best practices, keeping aware of factors that will effect change and understanding real estate trends.  We attend numerous conferences across North America so that we can bring back knowledge to share, educate and inspire our agents.
The entire team benefits from a culture of learning.